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Elementary Division Celebrates Yom Tzahal

This Friday our school celebrated a unique holiday, Yom Tzahal. Three years ago, this special chag was designed by fifth-grade girls as part of our Holiday in Cheshvan Contest. 

Our school is decorated with banners from the various battalions of the IDF. Students have been learning about the combat, humanitarian efforts, and veterans of the Israel Defense Forces. We are privileged to honor veterans of the IDF who work in our school in a beautiful Scroll of Honor.

We have shared some videos from a parent who is an IDF veteran as well as soldiers who are serving in Israel’s Defense Forces. Students and faculty who were on campus dressed in their IDF colors to show solidarity and support. As we include the misheberach for soldiers in our daily davening, we are privileged to celebrate Yom Tzahal in our school.

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