Early Childhood Students Love Israel!

The Pre-K students love Israel. This week we learned about its important cities and places. We had a lesson about maps, and located major cities like Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv, Haifa, The Negev, Yam Hamelach, and Eilat. We also made our own map of Israel. The students used their creativity to make their own Israeli flags, Magen David decorations, build the Kotel, and experiment with salt to make things float. We read stories about traveling to Israel and we even met a chayal (soldier) who is a Hebrew Academy Alum and is now serving in the IDF. He told us how proud he is to protect the land of Israel and to live there. Finally, we were so excited to celebrate Israel's birthday with all our friends, wearing kachol v'lavan, holding our flags, and singing with Mr. Shlomik.  Yom Huledet Sameach Israel!