From the Desk of Dr. Ami Eskanos, Dean of Admission: Recruitment Season Begins

Dr. Ami Eskanos, Dean of Admission

Although it is in the high 80’s outside, it is actually Autumn. For most people, Fall is the season of cooler (well, less humid) air, Thanksgiving, football, and Black Friday. In the world of school Admission Offices, Fall means it is Recruitment Season. The standard of practice for new student recruitment has certainly evolved over the last decade. Gone are the days of large group Open Houses, community school recruitment fairs, and newspaper advertisements to promote a school. When shopping for a school, today’s families rely instead on word of mouth from current families, social media, and school websites. This ability to information shop before scheduling an admission appointment has truly changed the way families approach school admissions. Once upon a time, families used their first admission appointment as a chance to learn all about the school and determine if it is right for them. Nowadays, most families arrive to campus for their first admission meeting fully knowing whether or not they intend to apply for admission and use the admission appointment to confirm their thoughts rather than to attain knowledge about the school. This is where you come in.

Despite our large amount of social media presence, thoughtful print advertising, robust website content, and of course fabulous classroom instruction and school programs, your word of mouth is still the number one factor driving new families to consider enrolling at Hebrew Academy. Telling your friends about the great things happening at Hebrew Academy, sharing our Facebook and Insta posts, and bragging about Hebrew Academy on your own social media platforms goes a long way attracting more families to join the Hebrew Academy Warrior Family. Today our Family has, the beautiful number of, 613 wonderful students. Working together, we will grow from strength to strength. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Gala next Sunday!

Go Warriors!

Dr. Ami Eskanos
Dean of Admission