From the Desk of Debbie Hamburg, Elementary School Principal

Debbie Hamburg, Elementary School Principal

Our Hebrew Academy Elementary School is a wonderful place for students to learn. Our staff that includes administrators, coordinators, learning specialists, music, art and PE specialists, and a school psychologist work collaboratively to ensure an excellent education for our children. We strive for consistent and pervasive implementation of best practices in all of our classrooms. Our goal is to provide an excellent educational environment which enables our students to become independent readers, writers, and thinkers, as well as kind and proud Jews who have a love of Israel. This year you will find teachers focused on numerous school wide initiatives. These initiatives are for students as well as for faculty. Students are using digital platforms that help to personalize their learning. In classrooms, teachers are facilitators of learning and students are able to explore topics within their class curriculum.

We have increased Professional Development for staff to help solidify professional skills through purposeful learning. A group of administrators and teachers, as well as board members, attended the Prizmah Conference in Atlanta in March of this year. I was privileged to be part of the group that attended. The theme was “Dare to Dream”. During this conference, I had an opportunity to hear one of my favorite educators, George Couros.  Mr. Couros is the author of the Innovator's Mindset as well as the Principal of Change, Stories of Learning and Leading. His statement "Make the positives so loud that you can't hear the negatives” really resonated with me and when I shared it with my staff it resonated with them as well. The breakout sessions included topics such as Trends and Opportunities, Dreamlab: JSTEAM, Project Based Learning, Intrinsic Motivation, Design Thinking and Using Data. There were many opportunities to network and share ideas with other day school professionals. This was also an opportunity to say thank you and farewell to Avi Chai, an organization whose financial support helped many individuals as well as Jewish  schools. It is the organization that provided me with principal training at Harvard University as well as at Bar Ilan University through the Lookstein Center.

It was so very inspiring to be among the present and future generation of Jewish leaders who are daring to dream for our beautiful Jewish children.

Debbie Hamburg
Elementary School Principal