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8th Grade Girls participated in Sweet-Gilad Day

8th Grade Girls participated in Sweet-Gilad Day! On June 12, 2014 Gilad Sha'er left the Mekor Chaim Yeshiva on his way to spend the Shabbat with his family. Gilad was kidnapped with two other youngsters – Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrach – at the intersection near Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion. Gilad loved baking and sharing his delicious baked goods with those around him.
This past Thursday was Gilad's birthday. To commemorate his birthday, many bake special treats to spread happiness and joy. The 8th grade girls baked delicious cupcakes and then distributed them to students throughout the Elementary and Middle School spreading joy and happiness in memory of Gilad. Thank you to our B'not Sherut for making this all possible.

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