19 High School Students Inducted into the National Honor Society

Hebrew Academy inducted 19 students into the Rabbi Yossi Heber z”l Negba Chapter of the National Honor Society on Thursday, September 26. Students heard from Hebrew Academy alum and keynote speaker Nicole Katz, and certificates were presented to the new inductees by High School Principals, Rabbi Aharon Assaraf and Dr. Dara Lieber. While Rabbi Shaye Guttenberg, Head of School, gave congratulatory remarks.

Membership in the National Honor Society is based upon excellence in four areas: scholarship, leadership, service and character. Each category is judged independently. With Scholarship, there are standards in leadership, service and character, which are required. Leadership requirements include demonstration of leadership in school, as well as, outside of school. Service requirements include involvement in service projects since the start of a student's high school career. Character requirements include integrity, positive behavior, ethics, cooperation, reliability in and out of the school and classroom maturity. 

Congratulations to the following new inductees:

Eden Albergel 
Sarah Attias
Shiraz Bachar 
Shirel Baranes
Dominique Behar 
Samantha Ebner
Gal Gottesman 
Herschel Karp
Brielle Katz
Kaitlyn Lieber
David Leubitz
Kaitlyn Lieber 
Chana Lieberman
Asher Miller 
Naomi Ohana
Hadassah Reich
Bailey Spitz
Naomi Weiss 
Yakira Wolfson