10th Grade Israel Trip 5779: News & Updates

  • 10th Grade Eleventh Day in Israel 5779
    Family Day, Air Force Acrobat Show, Beit Shemesh  

Thursday, May 9 (Day 11): On Thursday, our 10th Graders started their morning with a festive tefila. Then, students who had family in Israel got to spend the day with them. Those who stayed with the group attended an Air Force acrobat show, went repelling and rock climbing close to Beit Shemesh.

  • 10th Grade Ninth Day in Israel
    Old Jewish Quarters, the Kotel, Eli, Shiloh, Psagot Winery, Teddy Park  

Wednesday, May 8 (Day 10): Today, our tenth grade took a tour of the old Jewish quarters. Then, they headed to the Kotel to listen to the siren for the second time on Yom Hazikaron. After, they visited Eli, where the group spent some time in the Bnei David Yeshiva and spoke to one of the leading Rabbis of the institution. This particular pre-army Yeshiva has had some of the most amazing soldiers graduate. To name a few of the fallen heroes, Hadar Goldin, Roi Klein, Rav Udi Fogel, Benjy Hillman, Eliraz Peretz, and Emanuel Moreno (who to this day, they have not released a picture of him, for security purposes). They continued from there to Ancient Shiloh, where the students got a unique tour on how the archeologists discovered that the Mishkan (Tabernacle) actually stood there prior to Jerusalem. Then, they visited Psagot Winery and hung out with camels. In the evening, it was time to celebrate! They had special Yom Ha'Atzmaut davening at Teddy Park, and then they had dinner at Emek Refaim. 

  • 10th Grade Ninth Day in Israel
    Sammy Farkas z"l, Ibey Hanachal, Chevron, Maharat Hamachpela, MASA Israel's Memorial Day Service  

Tuesday, May 7 (Day 9): The group started their morning paying their respects to beloved classmate Sammy Farkas, z"l. Then they visited, Ibey Hanachal, a new settlement in Judaea. Students were able to recite a special blessing when visiting a new place that extends the border of Eretz Yisrael. Then, they stopped in the city of Chevron where they visited Maharat Hamachpela. In the evening our 10th Grade heard the sirens for Yom Hazikaron and stood in silence with thousands of IDF soldiers, families of fallen soldiers, members of the Knesset, and different schools from all over the world at MASA Israel's Memorial Day Service.

  • 10th Grade Eighth Day in Israel
    Gush Etzion, Pina Chama, Hapoel Jerusalem, Tamir Goodman    

Monday, May 6 (Day 8): Today, our 10th Grade zip lined and rode jeeps though Israel's beautiful terrain. Then, they stopped at Pina Chama, also known as Soldiers Corner. They even tried on their vests to get an idea of how heavy it actually is! Then they were special VIP guests of Tamir Goodman, the Jewish "Michael Jourdan, at an Hapoel Jerusalem basketball game. One of our students,  Ben Rubimov got picked for a time out game in honor of his birthday! Afterwards, Goodman spoke with our students about his dream of playing professional basketball while honoring Hashem, Israel, and the Jewish people. 

  • 10th Grade Sixth & Seventh Day in Israel
    Yad Vashem, Mt. Hertzel, City of David Water Tunnels, Alumni Dinner, Movie  

Saturday, May 4 and 5 (Day 6 & 7): After spending a relaxing shabbat in Jerusalem, our 10th Grade headed to Yad Vashem, where they immersed themselves in the emotional experience as they learned more about the atrocities of the Holocaust. They visited Mt. Hertzel where they paid their respects to the fallen who have defended our homeland and even shared their shawarma lunch with a few IDF Soldiers. They went down below into the City of David water tunnels. Afterwards, they met up with some Hebrew Academy Alumni for dinner and then enjoyed a VIP movie!

  • 10th Grade Fifth Day in Israel
    Friends of Zion Museum, 3D tour of the Second Temple, Kotel Tunnels, the Shuk, Shabbat with the Levi's   

Friday, May 3 (Day 5): Our 10th Grade has been exploring Israel for the past five days and are ready for shabbat! Today, they visited the Friends of Zion Museum located in downtown Jerusalem that celebrates non-Jewish Zionists and their contribution to Israel. They took a 3D tour of the second temple. They also headed underground to the Kotel Tunnels, experienced the Shuk and danced at the Kotel. They are ready to spend a beautiful Shabbat in Jerusalem hosted by Hebrew Academy parent Tila Falic Levi. 

  • 10th Grade Fourth Day in Israel
    Yom Hashoah at Atlit Detention Camp,  Zichron Yaakov, Aaronsohn home, Holon Childrens Museum, and Jerusalem  

Thursday, May 2 (Day 3): Our 10th Grade began their day commemorating Yom Hashoahat Atlit Detention Camp, a former Jewish detention camp. Then they headed to Zichron Yaakov, one of the first ‘modern’ settlements in Israel, located upon Mount Carmel. They stopped by the Aaronsohn home, which chronicles the history of one families efforts during WWI to help overthrow the Ottoman Turks by helping the British.They also visited the Holon Children Museum and then headed to Jerusalem. They enjoyed the rest of their evening at Shuk Machne Yehuda where they grabbed dinner.

  • 10th Grade Third Day in Israel 5779
    Arbel Cliffs, Rosh Hanikra, Kibbutz Matzuba, Achziv Beach, and Yom Hashoah Ceremony  

Wednesday, May 1 (Day 3): What an action packed day for our 10th Graders! They hiked down the Arbel Cliffs in the Galilee and on the way found a modern day bullet alongside an arrowhead dating back to 35 BCE during the time of King Herod! They also visited Rosh Hanikra, located at Israel's northwestern tip, at the only point where the sea meets the cliffs, where they enjoyed the beautiful grottoes. Then, they stopped for lunch at Kibbutz Matzuba. Afterward, they raced through the sea on Tornado Boats at Achziv Beach. Tonight, they will commemorate Yom Hashoah in a special ceremony. 

  • 10th Grade Second Day in Israel 5779
    Hatzbani (Snir) river, Rafting on the Jordan river, Mt. Bental, Kineret Boat Party  

Tuesday, April 30 (Day 2): Our Warriors started the second day of their journey hiking through the Hatzbani river. Then, they went for fun-filled whitewater rafting excrusion on the Jordan river. After, they headed to Mt. Bental to catch the beautiful scenery of the Golan Heights. They ended their day with a boat party on the Kineret!

  • 10th Grade First Day in Israel 5779
    Machon Ayalon  

Monday, April 29 (Day 1): Our 10th Grade Warriors landed in Israel, stopped for their first group photo and headed to Rehovot! They visited Machon Ayalon, a former secret ammunition factory disguised as part of a kibbutz to fool the British back in the 1940s. Jewish people used the factory in their efforts to fight for the independent state of Israel!