Update 01/11/2023

Dear Hebrew Academy Community,

We have a shorter update this week for you. Although our next biweekly update is due in two weeks on January 28, we anticipate sending one earlier because of our current position in the search process.

1. Since our Last Update (December 28)

During the last two weeks, Dr. Stein has met with the candidates we are considering inviting to campus at our request. We have also begun the reference-checking process, which will continue through this week. 

2. Next Week (January 16 - January 23) and Beyond

In addition to reference checking, we are beginning the process of planning on-site visits for continuing candidates to campus later in January and possibly into early February. Please look for invitations to participate in meetings with candidates on campus after the reference-checking process is completed. Your participation and feedback following those meetings will be essential to the success of this search process.

3. Questions

Please email Lydia Musher, lydia@TraditionSearchPartners.com, with any questions you might have. She is delighted to speak with you at any time.

Thank you very much for your crucial participation in this process.

Jean Kim-Lehmann and Mauricio Van Dam
Search Committee Co-Chairs

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Head of School Search Committee