Update 02/22/2023

Dear Hebrew Academy Community,

On behalf of the Hebrew Academy Board of Directors and the Head of School Search Committee, I am writing with wonderful news: in response to overwhelming support, Dr. Kalman Stein has agreed to continue with the Hebrew Academy as our interim head of school for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

During this school year, Dr. Stein has begun aligning the divisions of the school, improving communications and customer service, elevating academics, and improving all aspects of the school’s operations. Also during this year, the Board is focusing on governance to ensure that we can recruit and retain the best possible head of school following Dr. Stein’s departure.

The Search Committee has been working hard all year on the search process and vetted many candidates for the position. Committee members unanimously agree that Dr. Stein’s staying to continue making progress and working with the Board on its own efforts will allow us to set up our next head of school for success in the summer of 2024. We very much appreciate the work of the Search Committee to date, and we anticipate starting to advertise the position in the spring for a July 1, 2024 start date. Please email Lydia Musher, lydia@TraditionSearchPartners.com, with any questions you might have about the search process. She is delighted to speak with you at any time.

I know you will share in our excitement about Dr. Stein’s continued leadership of the school for a second year. Please reach out with any questions.

Thank you,

Jean Kim-Lehmann 
Board President

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