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Mrs. Raquel Sultan
Mrs. Raquel Sultan attended Beth Jacob Teachers College of Montreal to obtain a Teaching Diploma in Judaic Studies and also attended College Marie Victorin to complete degrees in Languages and Literature and Early Childhood Education. She is certified in the Montessori Method, received certification in Special Education from York University, has a BS in Education and Special Education, and a MS in Early Childhood and Students with Disabilities from Touro College. Raquel has attained classroom experience as a preschool teacher, a public school special education teacher, and as a teacher of Judaic studies. She was the Campus Director of Netivot HaTorah South Campus in Toronto. Additionally Raquel is licensed in Judaic Studies and Early Childhood Education from CAJE, has Advanced Level Director’s Credentials from the Florida Department of Children and Families, and has a National Child Development Associate degree. She is happily married to Rabbi Sultan and is the proud mom of four wonderful boys: Yaacov, Gabriel, Yonatan and Ezra.
Ms. Rebecca Amar
Morah Rebecca Amar has been involved in Early Childhood Education for the past ten years. She has an Associate degree in Early Childhood and has been teaching in Nursery 2 at Hebrew Academy for six years. Morah Rebecca is constantly looking into ways to motivate and inspire her students.
Mrs. Esther Aronovski
Morah Ettie Aronovski is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher and has been teaching at Hebrew Academy for more than 20 years. She is happily married and is the proud parent of two Hebrew Academy graduates and one current student high school student. Morah Ettie earned a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Miami and has also earned a Florida Early Childhood Credential. She also recently received a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning from Nova Southeastern University. It is exciting to continue my professional development and learning.
Ms. Nurit Cohen
Morah Nurit Cohen is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher and was born in and lived in Israel for many years. She was a radiologist assistant at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv. Later she earned a degree in Early Childhood Education and worked as a Pre-K and N3 teacher for 17 years at the Hebrew Academy in Montreal. This is Morah Nurit’s second year at Hebrew Academy in Miami Beach.
Mrs. Gail Davis
Morah Gail Davis is our Early Childhood Reading and Writing Specialist. She has been an early childhood and early elementary teacher at Hebrew Academy for thirty-one years. Morah Gail has a Masters Degree from the University of Miami in Early Childhood Education and Specific Learning Disabilities. She is also certified as a teacher by the State of Florida Department of Education and also has a Director’s Credential from the Florida Department of Children and Families.
Ms. Tammy Djament
Ms. Tali Eliani
Mrs. Kathy Eson
Morah Kathy Eson is a Nursery 3 teacher and has been working at Hebrew Academy for many years. Attended Bar Ilan University where she obtained degrees in Judaic Studies.
Mrs. Galina Gluzman
Morah Galina Gluzman is a Playgroup teacher. She has been working at Hebrew Academy for over 12 years and has a National CDA Credential. She has an enormous love for children and teaching, and enjoys learning new things about each and every one of her students.
Mrs. Miriam Guinon
Morah Miriam Guinon is a pre-Kindergarten teacher. She attended Bais Yaakov Teacher’s Seminary in Montreal, and then pursued her Judaic studies at Maayanot in Jerusalem. She has a degree in Pure and Applied Science from Le College Francais; and a Bachelors’ degree in Education for ECE, Elementary, and Secondary levels from the University of Montreal. She is certified in the Montessori Method and is qualified to teach Special Education and Foreign Languages by the University of Ottawa. Miriam has taught students in preschool through Grade 12 for 37 years.
Mrs. Rachel Handler
Morah Racheli Handler is a Nursery 3 teacher who is passionate about working with children every day, and see how their young minds develop. Morah Racheli has 8 years of teaching experience and attained a degree in psychology from Touro College and a Master’s degree in early childhood education and students with disabilities. Racheli recently gave birth to a baby boy.
Mrs. Nirit Ichak
Morah Nirit Ichak moved to Miami from Israel in 2012. Her son is a graduate of the Hebrew Academy and her daughter is a current student here in 11th grade. Nirit has been working in the Infant Room since 2013 after 8 years of experience as an Early Childhood Educator in Israel. Nirit recently completed her National Child Development Associate degree and also has a degree in graphic design. Nirit prefers to work with young children since that is her great love and joy. She is very happy to be working with our little Warriors
Mrs. Cloudin Labovich
Morah Dina Labovich has been living in Miami since 2002. She is a proud grandmother of two Hebrew Academy students. Dina joined the Hebrew Academy last year after many years of experience as an Early Childhood Educator. Dina loves working with young children and does it with passion and enthusiasm. She is extremely excited to work with our youngest students in the Infant Room.
Mrs. Laetitia Levy
Morah Laetitia Levy is a Nursery 3 teacher and was born and raised in Paris, France. She studied International Commerce at Paris 13 University. She has four beautiful children, two of whom attend Hebrew Academy.
Mrs. Esther Mizrahi
Morah Eti Mizrahi is a Nursery 2 teacher and has been teaching at Hebrew Academy Early Childhood for the past 6 years. She is also our After School Activities Director. Morah Eti lives in Miami Beach with her husband and three boys who currently attend Hebrew Academy.
Mrs. Nurit Rosenberg
Morah Nurit Rosenberg is a Nursery 2 teacher and was born and raised in Israel. She has lived in Miami for the past 12 years. This is her third year working in the ECE at the Hebrew Academy. She obtained her CDA and is thankful for the opportunity to be working with preschoolers. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking , reading, traveling and capturing timeless moments as a professional photographer. Her three children currently attend Hebrew Academy. She is looking forward to exploring with children while helping them learn and grow in a nurturing environment.
Mrs. Meryl Rotenberg
Morah Meryl Rotenberg is a Nursery 2 teacher. She grew up in Miami Beach and attended the Hebrew Academy from first through twelfth grade. Two of her children have graduated from the Hebrew Academy and her youngest child is currently in grade 10. She has a BA degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education and has been teaching for the past thirteen years.
Mrs. Susan Sava
Morah Susan Sava is a Nursery 3 teacher. She grew up in Miami Beach and attended the Hebrew Academy. She is a graduate of Yeshiva University Stern College for Women. Morah Susan been an early childhood teacher for 27 years and has taught two year olds, three year olds, four year olds, as well as Kindergarten in New York, Miami Beach, and Hollywood.
Mrs. Aida Stiefel
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